Thanks for a Great Event!  

If you missed the event please feel free to contact us about possible future events.  We have also made videos of the entire event available as an On-Demand purchase for $20.  Big thanks to Edify for making this possible

On-Demand Videos

About the NH Event Safety Forum

Our flagship event will include invaluable information for industry professionals, including training and expert instruction. Our team is working with law enforcement and industry contacts to develop the best content and curriculum for this all-day program.

Content and Curriculum Topics:

• Active Shooter Response
• Crowd Control
• Human Instinct
• Appropriate Actions
• Situational Awareness
• Developing the Survival Mindset
• Training Session
• Live Scenario walk-thru
• Resources for Continued Education

Presenters & Panelists:

• State & Local Law Enforcement
• State & Local Fire Officials
• Current & Former Federal Law

• Firearms Instructors
• Self-defense Instructors
• ALICE Instructors
• ALERRT Instructors
• CRASE Instructors

Who Should Attend:

• Facility Owners and Managers
• Facility Managers
• Local Crew
• Freelance Stage Hands
• Event Technicians
• Caterers
• Event Security Staff
• Front Office Staff
• Other Event Support Staff


About Northeast Event Emergency Response & Preparedness

Recent tragic events have demonstrated a lack of discussion and training on what event staff can do in certain emergency situations. Following the horrific Las Vegas shooting last year, Newsweek published an article by Josh Saul titled CONCERT SAFETY: EVENT WORKERS SAY THEY AREN’T TRAINED ON HOW TO HANDLE MASS SHOOTINGS, AND IT SCARES THEM. You can read this article here: This article struck a chord with me; particularly, a quote from a spotlight operator who was working the Route 91 Harvest festival: “Nobody knew what to do, where to go. We, the guys on the towers, we could turn a few degrees and look directly at where that guy was shooting from”… but nobody gave him or the other workers any instructions other than “Stay down.”

NEERP was founded shortly after the Las Vegas shooting with the mission to provide the local event industry an open forum and training to better protect themselves and others in an uncommon emergency. In doing so, we have inspired a discussion across Southern NH regarding what we as event professionals can do. We are bringing this discussion forward to our first event featuring local law enforcement and safety community members who can provide real-world scenarios and training.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at

Northeast Event Emergency Response & Preparedness